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Why Kipe Academy?

Kids need a flexible learning environment that can inspire and empower them. 

OUr Mission

The mission of Kipe Academy is to inspire creativity, collaboration, and critical thinking in a learning environment that empowers students of varying ability levels to achieve independence. 

OUr Vision

At Kipe Academy, students will learn to problem solve through collaboration, experimentation, and exploration in a small class setting where the Science of Reading and Math are imbedded with the purposely designed curriculum based on student interests in science and social studies. The program is designed to foster a holistic environment that allows the students to advance forward based on their learning pace. Students will also attend to art, music, STEAM, and physical activities as well as social-emotional learning opportunities. Our goal is to close learning gaps and accelerate learning while allowing students to experience real world scenarios and be a part of their community.

Our Story

Kipe Academy was founded in Polk City, Florida in 2022 by Tonya Kipe. She was a public school teacher with 11 years of experience and saw that the public education setting was not meeting the needs of all students, including her own son. She created the idea of Kipe Academy and with the help of the KA Board Members, it became a reality. 

pencils in a cup next to a stack of notebooks on a desk

Meet the Kipe Academy Team

Ethics and Professional Conduct

Kipe Academy requires all instructional personnel, educational support employees, and school administrators to complete training on the Code of Ethics and Principals of Professional Conduct. 

By law, employees of Kipe Academy are mandated to report any misconduct or suspected child abuse to the proper authorities.

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