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OUr Services

Captured in a metropolitan Atlanta, Geor

Microschool Full Day Program

We provide students with a learning environment that is flexible and focuses on topics the students are interested in. They will be engaged with hands-on learning inside and outside of the classroom with a certified Full-Time Private Tutor.

Kindergarten to Fifth Grade

Enrollment Fee


Annual Tuition


Curriculum/Supply Fee



Part-Time Private Tutoring

1:1 tutoring or a small group of 5 focused on bridging the gap in reading and math with a certified teacher

Kindergarten to 12th Grade

Enrollment Fee


1 Hour Session



Choice Navigator

We guide students and families through the various non-traditional educational choices available. Specifically, we help you navigate the selection of, application for, and enrollment in educational options addressing the academics needs of your student, assist with curriculum selection, and offer advice on career and postsecondary education opportunities.

1 Hour


Girl with Umbrella_edited.jpg

Umbrella Program

Students learn off campus with lessons directed by their parents. 

  • Freedom to choose curriculum and method of schooling 

  • No yearly evaluations

  • No required portfolios or records of academic work

  • Support and guidance is available from our qualified licensed educators

  • We report attendance for you

  • Invited to attend field trips 

Kindergarten to 12th Grade


Enrollment Fee


Annual Tuition


School Kids Recycling_edited_edited.jpg

Weekend Workshop

This engaging once a month program offers hands-on exploration and captivating tasks to spark curiosity and foster collaborative learning. Each child will bring home a unique creation or project that reflects their newfound knowledge and creativity.

Kindergarten to Eight Grade

Workshop Fee

$20 per child


Standardized Testing 

We can administer a nationally standardized, norm-referenced assessment for your child. 

1 Assessment for Reading or Math with Results 


1 Assessment each for Reading and Math with Results


Blue Binders_edited.jpg

Homeschool Annual Evaluation

We can review your child's portfolio which should include either a digital or paper log of educational activities with titles of reading materials and a few samples of work and have a brief chat with your child. Completion time is 1-2 weeks. If you need it same day or within 48 hours, a rush fee is required.

1 Portfolio Evaluation 


1 Portfolio Evaluation +Rush Fee


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