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Got Questions?

If you don't see the answer to your question here, reach out to us via email or Facebook. 

Do students have to wear uniforms?

No. Students can wear regular clothes and closed toed shoes. We will have a spirit shirt they can opt to wear on Fridays. 


Do you provide transportation?

We do not have a bus or van to provide transportation at this time.


Will breakfast and lunch be provided?

Not at this time. Students can bring their own packed food. We will not have a kitchen or staff to make and serve food. 


How does a multi-age class work?

Students will be given a pre-assessment to determine their current level of learning for both reading and math. The students will be grouped by ability level to learn reading and math skills and they will work on their skills during small group instruction. When it is time to learn content, the information will be presented to all the students during whole group instruction. The type of task they will be required to complete will be different based on their ability level. 


Do I need to buy any school supplies?

Parents are not required to purchase additional supplies. We are taking that off your plate.


Will you offer 6th grade and up?

At this time, we will only be serving students in grades kindergarten to fifth grade. We will revisit adding additional grades in the future. 

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