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It Takes a Village to Raise a Child

As a community, we can support the kids at Kipe Academy by cheering them on, giving our time, making donations, and being informed.



We welcome our community to partner with us as we learn and grow. All volunteers must submit an application and pay a fee. This fee covers your background check.


Click below for ways to help at

Kipe Academy.

Whether you can financially support Kipe Academy through a one time donation or a recurring donation, you are helping kids in your community to have the resources and experiences they need to grow into successful citizens. 

Board Meeting Minutes

We work to serve our community and we want you to be transparent as we plan for our students. Our meeting minutes will be published after they are approved by the Board. 

Annual Report

This report will be published by the end of July each year. It will feature our school statistics, financials, and donor impact. 

Our Board of Directors

Tonya Kipe


Anna Jacobs

Vice President and Secretary

Andrea Starling

Vice President

Sunshine Miller


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