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The Board of Directors of Kipe Academy believes that family and community involvement in school is extremely valuable. The involvement of family has shown to be a critical component in building an effective school-family relationship. Families and members of the community are encouraged to volunteer at Kipe Academy. In accordance with federal antidiscrimination laws and the Florida Educational Equity Act, we will not discriminate against any student, employee, or other person on the basis of race, ethnicity, national origin, gender, sexual orientation or disability or any other criteria prohibited by law.


All volunteers or chaperones for school trips must have a Level 2 background check completed through the Florida Department of Law Enforcement. Volunteers are responsible for covering the fee for the background check. Once the results are on file with the school and they are considered approved, then you can begin officially volunteering.


To begin the process, they will request a volunteer form. Once completed, they will be asked to sign the VECHS form and sent to obtain their background check. After the results are in, the Executive Director will determine if they qualify as an approved volunteer. Their records will be kept on file in a confidential manner. If someone qualifies as an approved volunteer, they will be notified via phone call and email.


Volunteers can purchase a Kipe Academy shirt and will be issued an approved volunteer badge to wear while on campus. When volunteers arrive, they must sign in at the office area and sign out upon their exit. 

Volunteer Opportunities

Arrival and Dismissal

Additional supervision can help make arrival and dismissal time run smoothly and safely.


Classroom Assistance

Volunteers will collaborate with the teacher to see what is needed for the classroom.


Volunteers can replace lightbulbs, paint, repair items, repair building interior, assist with basic plumbing issues, or any other maintenance issue that may arise.


Volunteers are needed to help keep our campus clean. This will include cleaning the bathrooms, lobby, and classroom area. 

Field Trips

 Volunteers can transport and/or supervise students during a field trip.

School Activities

Volunteers will help set up, break down, and clean for school events hosted on and off campus.

Are you a teacher, parent, or community member interested in partnering with us, volunteering, or starting a microschool?

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