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Holistic Learning

Our philosophy

At Kipe Academy we believe in teaching the whole child. This means we will help them develop intellectually, emotionally, socially and physically. We want our students to learn at a pace that is best for them in an environment that supports a growth mindset. In order to meet students' needs, they will be grouped based on skill not grade level.

Skills Class

Students learn reading and math skills based on their personal skill level. The skills will be taught based on the Science of Reading and Math. As students achieve their goals, they will advance to the next level. All students are grouped based on skill level rather than grade level during this portion of the day.

Character Building

Relationships and building community is a key component of Kipe Academy. Therefore, it is important we focus on character building needs as well as academics. During this portion of the day, students learn about important character traits, ways to navigate their emotions, problem solving skills, and ways to achieve goals. Not only do we want to build community within our school, we want to also give back to our local community. 

Content Time

Students learn science, social studies, and other topics based on students' interests. They watch videos, read text, research, experiment, or make observations about the various topics. During this portion of the day, students are grouped with similar aged peers.  

PE and Music

Students participate in physical education for three days a week and music for two days a week. During physical education, students develop motor skills, knowledge of how the body is connected to physical activity, understand why a healthy life style is important, types of physical fitness, and  sportsmanship. During music, students practice singing and listening to a variety of music across various genres.

Collaboration Time

Students have the opportunity to demonstrate their knowledge and skills while completing a project based learning task. This fosters collaboration through 

discussions, research, problem solving, creating presentations, and presenting. Students have the ability to collaborate with multi-aged students.

Creative Time

Students end their day in creative mode. These are some things they could do during that hour: create art, build things, practice new hobbies they are interested in, use technology to code or make digital art, create games, invent things, or make music. 

Progress Reports

Part of the holistic approach allows students to learn at a pace that is best for them. Rather than using a traditional grading scale with letter grades, we will use a progress monitoring tool in the classroom. Each nine weeks, you will be informed about your child's progress. Families will also have 24/7 access to progress by logging into DreamClass and are encouraged to attend conferences.

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